A Short Discussion on Squats

unnamed-3I shot a quick video for a friend the other day, demonstrating how the placement of the #barbell or #kettlebell can drastically change the depth on your #squat pattern. Now, in my world, the barbell back squat (pictured top, right) is one of the most advanced squat patterns available. It takes a lot of core stability to hit depth while keeping a “proud” chest and not falling backwards. I highly recommend if you’re not yet hitting parallel or lower in your squat, start first with a kettlebell goblet squat (top left) and then progress to a barbell front squat (bottom left). You can see how moving the weight in front of my body allows me to sit back deeper into my squat. It’s a great place to start working on building #mobility and #stability, which will directly translate to your back squat when ready.

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