My Top 5 Leggings

I know it will come as no surprise to any of you, but I love athleisure.  I wear it daily whether it be for work, play, or rest.  I’ve been endlessly teased for my love of stretchy fabrics, and I’ve had the “Active Wear” music video forwarded to me more times than I can count.


I could also share with you guys the little known fact that I once owned so many leggings at a time that I broke my dresser drawer.  Literally, about a week after taking this photo, the bottom of the drawer bowed out.  And, while I’m certainly not proud of this fact, I’m sure as hell not embarrassed either.  Probably because I’m too busy staying comfy while showing off those hard-earned glutes 😉

So, with my extensive research on the subject (re: purchasing far too many), I’m thinking it might be fun to spread the good word on leggings and share with you a few of my favorites that I’ve found over the years.  What do you say, shall we dive in?

#1 – The Chaturanga Legging from Athleta

With only 1 seam, the Chaturanga legging from Athleta is the least structured, and arguably the most comfortable of their line.  It’s available in regular and high-rise, solids and patterns, full, 7/8, capri, and knicker lengths.  Also, Athleta nails it by offering extended sizes through their website.  What I’m trying to say is, whatever your need may be, it’s unlikely the Chaturanga couldn’t fulfill it.  They are so easy and so comfy.  The only recommendation I would make with these babies is to size down.  Given the lack of panels or extra seams, sizing down will help prevent waistband slippage.

#2 – Wunder Unders by Lululemon

Next on the list are Lululemon’s Wunder Unders.  Look, I’d love to leave Lulu off the list and credit more obscure legging brands, but that would be a mistake when considering the Wunder Unders.  In a way, these leggings were the original gangsters of colorful expression within your workout gear, and therefore, some respect must be paid.  Similar to the Chaturanga, Wunder Unders come in a wide variety of lengths, colors, and prints.  They too only have a single seam, which means you can comfortably move and contort into every feasible position.  In my book, the few downsides of these leggings would be the pricing, limited sizing, and requirement to always test a full moon position prior to purchase (#seethroughleggings).  All that said and done, it should be mentioned that Lululemon has produced several of my all time favorite leggings between the fabrics and print selections.  Go ahead and treat yourself to a pair.  It’s highly doubt you’d find yourself disappointed.

#3 – “Live In” Legging by Zella

I’ve got to be honest…I’m always surprised that the Zella brand doesn’t have more of a following.  Produced by Nordstrom, the line has a very similar feel to Lululemon (probably because one of the original Lulu designers helped to create the brand), providing quality fabrics at a much friendlier price point.  The big selling point for me is that Zella produces epically fun patterns, typically without using the printing method.  For those who are unaware – a big trend in making loud crazy patterns on leggings is to print the design on white fabric.  It makes for bold and beautiful designs, but it usually means sizing up in order to keep the pattern vibrant while being worn.  However, with Zella, what you see is what you get.  Feel confident in ordering your standard size – there will be no compromise in bold color.


#4 – K-Deer

Confession #1 – I currently only own 1 pair of K-Deer leggings.  Confession #2 – this is something that will be rectified immediately.  There are a lot of things to adore about this company.  For one, the company was created by kickass yogi Kristine Deer and is all American-made (#yaaswoman!).  Looking at the company’s website, it won’t take long to notice that K-Deer celebrates all body shapes and sizes.   Also…HOLY CRAP WOULD YOU LOOK AT THOSE PATTERNS?!  They are SO freaking cute!  I’m partial to the signature stripe series, but who am I kidding, I’d welcome them all into my collection.  If you do order these, please keep in mind – they were originally designed for hot yoga.  Therefore, the material is extremely light and thin (however, remarkably not see-through #Lululemontakenotes).  I personally have come to love how light these leggings are, but I will admit to feeling a little naked my first time wearing them…although I’m realizing that may actually be a huge selling point for some of you 😉


#5 – Ivy Park by Beyonce

I admit, while I love Beyonce, I have held off on buying anything from her Ivy Park line for one reason – I was convinced I’d hate the waistband on the leggings.  If you haven’t noticed, every other legging I’ve posted about has had a wide waistband.  That’s not a coincidence.  I love a wide waistband – they are comfortable, flattering, and don’t pop or snap on you as you workout.  Therefore, when I saw the thin, elastic waistband on Ivy Park, I was initially scared away.  I’ve had experiences with other brands using a similar cut, and I’ve always wound up disappointed.  But of course the day came when I saw a pair of Ivy Park leggings that I knew I’d forever regret not at least trying…thank the universe I did because they are AMAZING!  The fabric and the mesh are top quality, and I don’t know what sorcery is going on with that band but it stayed put and remained comfortable all day.  I LOVE these leggings – and let’s be honest, I feel fierce as f**k wearing them.  Check them out in action in the Barbell Complex video I shot below!  (Like the look of that workout?  See more here!)

That’s it for today’s post.  Let me know if you’ve tried any of these leggings, and be sure to share with me some of your favorites as well!

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