7 Gym Bag Beauty Products

image1 (1)If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you’re probably already aware that I’m having a love affair with make up.  I love expressing myself through eyeshadows, contour, and bold lips.  In some ways I feel like an artist painting on the canvas that is my face.  It feels fun, daring, creative, and it’s something I get to do completely for myself.

All that said – since makeup is something specifically for my pleasure and enjoyment, I’ll be honest and share…there are some days I can’t be bothered to put on makeup.


I know, shocking, but let’s face it…I work in a gym – if I dared to go in with full face, chances are I’d sweat it off within an hour.  Therefore, I often go all natural – it feels great, breathable, and you can freely rub your eyes and face (a pleasure in life that is simply not recognized enough).

Then on other days – I fall somewhere in between, and that’s what brings us here today. I’m sharing with you my 7 Gym Bag Beauty Products that I always keep with me for sprucing up throughout the day, and I thought, what better way to share these items with you than to dive in and try a video.

Guys…vlogging is hard.  I’ve watched so many Youtube videos and thought, “Oh, this must be so easy.” Reality check, it is awkward as all hell.  Anyway – press play, enjoy my recommendations, and laugh with me as I stumble through my first video post 😉

Prefer to skip the video?  Scroll down for the Reader’s Digest version 😉

My 7 Gym Bag Beauty Products – 

1. Primally Pure Complexion Spray – For helping my skin feel bright and rejuvenated.
2. Primally Pure Lip Balm – For keeping my lips moisturized, or as a primer for matte lipsticks.
3. Perfume – A signature scent to help freshen you up post workout.
4. LA Girl ProConcealer – To help with any red spots.
5. Benefit Cosmetic’s Gimme Brow – Get those brows on fleek!
6. Mascara – Make those eyes pop!
7. Lip Stick – Whether neutral or a pop of color, lipstick will make everything seem so put together with very little fuss.

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