28 Years, 28 Lessons

air-2456_1920I didn’t think I was going to write something like this, let alone even acknowledge my birthday on this blog.  Truthfully, I often regard posts such as these as cliche or overly optimistic; however, as I sit here on the eve of my 28th year, having just seen a wonderful work of theater, I find myself inspired.  So here’s my list of 28 random life lessons I’ve learned thus far.  Here’s looking forward to the next 28…

    1. When someone gives you a compliment, the best response is thank you.
    2. Apologize less
    3. People’s words will always say more about them then they will ever say about you.
    4. Choose your battles wisely – you’ll burn out should you try to fight them all.
    5. Don’t be afraid to hear or use the word “no.”  Quite often it is not the rejection it initially feels like, but rather the acceptance of an entirely different opportunity.
    6. Vitamin D is important.
    7. Take your time, think it over.
    8. You don’t want to be a Carrie – really, in an ideal scenario, you’d be equal parts Miranda and Samantha.
    9. Don’t waste your energy chasing down other people – stay true to yourself and the right people will follow.
    10. The best dates remain the ones I’ve taken myself on (#treatyoself)
    12. I never feel more empowered than when I’m lifting heavy.
    13. I never feel more accomplished than when I make other people laugh.
    14. Dare to cut your hair – should you hate it, it typically grows back.
    15. Never trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs – cats are debatable (…kidding)
    16. Work a retail position for a minimum of 3 months.  It will make you a better and more patient person.
    17. Stay curious.
    18. Travel.
    19. Steel Magnolias, PS I Love You, and certain episodes of Doctor Who will never not make me cry.
    20. Wearing heels is very rarely, ever worth it.
    21. Whether it’s the one you’re born to, or the one you create, family is important.
    22. I will never be able to spell “nauseous” without help from Google or autocorrect – but it’s okay, I’m still a good person.
    23. If the thought of something make you both excited and scared, most likely, it’s worth doing.
    24. Limit your time spent on social media – it’s addicting and it can easily warp your perception of the world.
    25. Stop comparing yourself to others – create your own markers of success.
    26. Sometimes it’s worth taking the local – often it’s the more comfortable and peaceful ride.
    27. Never underestimate just how many problems a solo dance party can solve.
    28. Through the highs, the lows, and everywhere in between, always be sure to love and treat yourself with kindness.
    Thanks for a great year everyone!  Until next time, xoxo!


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