Body Weight (Plyo) Workout

Photo May 18, 4 40 36 PM.pngI shared this one via Instagram a short while back, but I thought it would be fun to feature it here.  It’s always nice to have a bodyweight program in your back pocket for those times when you can’t get in to a gym or simply don’t have the necessary equipment.  This workout is proof that you can get your heart-rate up and sweat on using just your own body.

Please note that the original workout posted features Drag Throughs with a kettlebell. To make it truly body weight – simply trade that exercise out for slow and stable shoulder taps.

Also, if plyometrics aren’t currently your thing, simply remove the jumping aspect.  You’ll still get a terrific amount of muscle engagement in repping out the grounded, bodyweight options.

Here’s what you do – 

20 Switch Jumps/Alternating Reverse Lunges
10 Mountain Climber Sprawls
10 Scapular Push Ups
10 Drag Through/Shoulder Taps
20 Squat Jacks/Bodyweight Squats
Repeat 3-5x

Try it out and get back to me with your results!  The whole workout took me about 40 minutes to get through 5 times 🙂


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