How to Stay Motivated while Losing Weight


I’m going to be completely transparent with all of you – I had a totally different blog post scheduled for today.  However, when I woke up this morning, I had this question waiting for me in my inbox:

“How do you stay (1) happy and (2) motivated during the long, hard process of trying to lose weight?”

Big question – HUGE.  And the 100% honest answer is…I don’t. 

I now have 28 years under my belt of trying something, eventually falling off the wagon when I or the method fails, and kicking, screaming and crying that “it’s not fair.”

Even as a personal trainer, I have days where I simply don’t want to workout, or eat according to plan, or do one more walking lunge, etc.

But there are a few tips I can share with you that help to keep me on track…and therefore, might help to serve you too.

1. You have to have a bigger “Why.”
The goal is weight loss, sure, but WHY? It’s hard to stay on track/motivated if you’re losing weight just for the sake of losing weight.  What’s your bigger picture?

Sure, “lose weight” is always part of the constant media cycle drilled into our heads, but if the decision to lose weight isn’t made BY you FOR you…that tempting dessert or larger order of fries will always win out against anything said in TV or magazines.

And I’m going to level with you…”Whys” are big.  “Whys” can be scary.

If someone comes to me and tells me their goal is to fit into their high school, skinny jeans, my immediate response to them is, “Why?”

Skinny jeans is a surface goal.  What do those jeans represent that you’re really going after?  Standing between you and the answer to that question is usually a large mass of sticky, emotional matter, but the truth is, that is the stuff one needs to connect to because THAT is what will have you defiantly saying no to the refills of soda or the “treat yo-self” cookies.  That is the stuff that will have you charging out of bed at 5AM to hit the gym before work.

So, time to dig deep…what is your “Why?”

2. Love Yourself Today – As Is
Sounds so incredibly simple, yet you’d be surprised just how hard it can be.

How many of you have ever said or thought the following to yourself…

“Ugh, you’re so disgusting.”
“You’re such a mess. Why can’t you just get your shit together already?”
“This is why no one likes you.”

Maybe you haven’t said those exact things…but I’d wager a strong bet that you have your own fear-based monologue looping inside your head from time to time.

I’ve spent far too many years talking awful shit to myself whenever the scale didn’t reflect exactly what I wanted it to…and the very bottom line is – that doesn’t help anybody.  It doesn’t help you, it doesn’t help the people around you, and it sure as hell doesn’t help you stick to any fitness or weight loss program.

You cannot beat yourself into willpower – you’ll have no energy left.

Willpower can only come from a place of love and acceptance.  From there, you can internally and peacefully agree on your own path towards betterment – that again comes from you and no one else.

Agree to love yourself today, in this moment, as is, and I promise the demands of any exercise or weight loss program suddenly won’t seem so daunting.

3. You are a Warrior – Seek a Challenge and Give it a Timeline
Since being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s two years ago, I can say pretty certainly that I have tried just about everything to get the weight back off.  I’ve tried Paleo, AutoImmune Protocol, Intermittent Fasting, Carb Loading, Eastern Medicine Practices, more cardio, less weights, more weights, less cardio, only yoga…and currently I’m trying out Keto (just to name a few).

How do I willingly commit to so many different programs and not just throw the towel in altogether?

Well, first I have my “Why” 😉 (please see tip 1)

From there, no matter what specific protocol I’m about to dive into, I present it to myself as a short term challenge.

When I first started Keto, I literally said to myself, “you only have to do this for 2 weeks. If you love it, great, we will renegotiate, if you don’t, it was only two weeks – no harm, no foul.”

Two weeks later, I signed up for another two.

Give yourself timetables to crush rather than goals on the scale or measurements.  Timetables you can control…the scale or tape measurer…not so much.
– I challenge myself to a Whole30
– I’m going to try this 6 week cycle of a power lifting program
– I commit to walking outside for 30 minutes a day for the next 2 weeks

Take it from someone who’s been aiming for her goals for 3 years now with little to no movement (#hashimotos), 2-6 weeks is nothing.  It’s a long enough time period to see results, but it’s a short enough period to not feel wasted if things didn’t workout as planned.  It’s something you can easily commit to, conquer, and then renegotiate with after.

Did this challenge get me closer to my “Why?”
– Yes? I’m diving back in for another round.
– No? Where did it fall short, and what can my next step be?

Lather, rinse, repeat.  The right thing will stick.


That’s what I’ve got for you for now.  I hope these 3 quick tips might help you in tackling your next goal.  If what I shared here resonated with you, I’d love to hear about it!  Send me a quick note by clicking here, or if it resonated so deeply that you’d like to work more together, please click here and tell me about your goals.  Better yet, tell me about your “Why.” 😉

Until next time,


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