A Conditioning Workout For You

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Hey everyone!

I thought I’d do something a little different for you this week and post a quick Kettlebell Conditioning workout for you all to enjoy.  This post includes a write up of the workout as well as a video demo – so don’t worry if you don’t recognize a few of the movement names/rep breakdowns, it’s all provided for you on Youtube. 

Don’t have KBs?  No biggie!  All of these exercises can be performed with dumbbells – just make sure to set the dumbbells down when switching sides vs doing any of the kettlebell swing-switch patterns.

Also, this last week on Instagram, I announced that I am now officially offering online coaching and program design.  I’m so excited to continue helping people achieve their goals by utilizing the most accessible platform ever created…the internet.  The best thing about a program design is that it is entirely catered to you, your goals, and whatever equipment you have to work with.  It’s meant to take the stress and the guesswork out of getting in a great workout.  Curious for more info?  Be sure to reach out here!

Alright – you ready to get a great sweat on?  All you need is 2 medium weights, 15-20 minutes of your time, and some awesome pump up jams.  This is a quickie – so be sure to get the most bang for your buck by keeping your reps fast and rest breaks short.  The name of the game is keep it moving!

Pressing Ladder – 1, 2, 3
(Perform 1 right, switch 1 left, switch 2 right, switch 2 left…continue up to 3)
Reverse Lunges Right/Left – 8 per side
(Hold the weight on the side of the stationary leg)
Carries – 30 Seconds
(Keep those shoulders dropping away from the ears)
Burpees – 5
(Push up optional)

Aim to rest only after completing all 4 exercises.  Keep rest as short as possible – 60 seconds or less.

Repeat 3-5x

There you have it!  Give it a go!  Can’t wait to hear how the workout went for you!

Until next time…


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