A Slow Kettlebell Quickie for You All ;)


I felt inspired the day I created this Kettlebell Quickie.  I could tell my body wanted to move, but not too fast.  Wanted to feel strong, but not fatigued.  Suddenly, it struck me – why not structure a traditional Tabata workout, but slow down the movements in order to focus on strength in stability.

Now – disclaimer time…  You will quickly notice that these movements are more compound exercises targeted for the more experienced kettlebell user.  I have added a couple options for regressing the exercises as needed.  Please, please, please listen to your body and its limitations.  Do not let pride get in the way of a great workout. If you’re limited in shoulder or upper body mobility, focus on improving that prior to working with the kettlebell overhead.  Not sure which correctives will aid in gaining you a safe overhead position?  Well, allow me to recommend taking a peek at this recent post first. 😉

Getting back to today’s workout – here is the exercise break down plus a video demo of one full round.  I warn you…this one sneaks up on you.  You don’t get a lot of consecutive rest – so focus on your movement and enjoy that slow steady burn.

Need a tip to know which weight to use?  If you’re completing more than 3-5 reps per side (5-8 reps for the shoveling movement)…it’s time to move up to something heavier.  The game of this workout is testing your endurance with strength and stability – so be sure to play by the rules 😉

20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest

Split Squat Hold plus Shovel – if you’re unable to keep your balance, maintain a split squat hold with or without the added weight

Kettlebell Windmill – if you do not yet have a KB Windmill down, switch to a one or two handed KB Deadlift

Squat with Overhead Rotation – if going overhead is deemed a no-no for you, no worries!  Trade this exercise out with a standard or single arm, racked goblet squat.

Repeat 3-5x

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