My Ultimate Gift Giving Guide


Tis the season for holiday gift giving!  I thought it would be fun to share my MVPs and favorites in regards to the themes of my blog.  What are you waiting for?  The days of gifting are upon us – there is no time to lose!  Start with the scrolling already!


1. Oil Diffuser

51xecB+Yv6L._SL1500_I admit there was a time in my life I thought the use of essential oils was to “granola” for me. When I purchased a diffuser after moving into my new place, it was more in an attempt to make my room smell better than anything else. Well 2 months later, and I am an essential oil junkie. I have a few different blends – one for warming and calming, another for invigorating and inspiring. In short, essential oil practices work! If like me you or a loved one struggles with anxiety or immune system disruptions – give an essential oil practice a go. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

2. Himalayan Salt Lamp


Help a loved one purify his/her air quality and improve their homes’ aesthetic 😉

I absolutely adore my salt lamp. I turn it on every morning to help me wake up, leave it on all day to work it’s magic, and return home to it’s warm glow in the evening. It’s the perfect, comforting gift for yourself or a loved one.


3. Oracle Cards

IMG_2549Oracle Cards were recently recommended to me in lieu of tarot cards. A friend much more centered and connected to the universe than I recommended them because they tend to carry a much more positive connotation than traditional tarot cards. I chose the dragon deck because of my own preferences, but there are several oracle themes to explore (the fairy decks are particularly gorgeous). You don’t have to identify as Wiccan or practice magic to benefit from these cards. I personally use them as a meditation tool to center my mind and to help start my day. Know anyone who might need a little assistance focusing inward?

4. Local Honey


Did you know that Honey is nature’s allergy medication?? If you find yourself moving to a new location, or traveling, seek out some local honey to assist with those familiar sneezes or itchy eyes. Just one teaspoon to one tablespoon per day will make a huge difference. Given as a gift can be super special and personal.  Research a local honey farm and pick a flavor your loved one might enjoy.  You’ll be supporting local business while giving the gift of easy breathing – a win, win to be sure 😉

5. Nuun Tablets

81ZKP-vAObL._SX355_Okay – perhaps not the fanciest of gifts, but a kickass stocking stuffer nonetheless. I know Nuun is often marketed as a hangover cure, but personally I appreciate the tablets for the handy, dandy electrolytes. I never feel more hydrated and my skin never looks better than when I am on a regular daily rotation of Nuun.


1. Manduka Yoga Mat

fullsizeoutput_17b6Listen…I’ve had my fair share of Yoga mats in my life. Some have impressed…others have not, but without a doubt – Manduka’s yoga mats have been my favorites. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns – there is surely a mat for everyone. As someone who is very gifted in the sweating deparment, I have never slipped on my Manduka mat.  All of my downward dogs remain firmly planted. Also, it always provides just the perfect amount of cushioning for my Kettlebell practices. Consider gifting a Manduka mat to the yogi in your life 😉

2. Dragon Door Kettlebells

IMG_1906One of the more extravagant gifts on the list… A Kettlebell from Dragon Door is an investment; however, it is one that will last you through your lifetime, your children’s lifetime, and even a hypothetical apocalypse. You just can’t beat the quality and durability of a Dragon Door bell. I have worked with kettlebells for nearly 8 years now, and I will list Dragon Door bells as my favorite every. single. time. If you’ve got a Kettlebell enthusiast in your life, make their year by gifting them one of these beauties.

3. Nike Free

As many of you know, I’m primarily accustomed to training barefoot. I’m all about that minimalist footwear; however, there are certain scenarios when skipping around barefoot just won’t fly. In those situations, I boldly suggest Nike Frees as my preferred training shoe. They are lightweight, breathable, and have an incredibly flexible, minimal sole.


4. Polar Heart Rate Monitor

81LIaAkyO1L._SL1500_Got a friend or family member who is looking to take their training to the next level? Then look no further than the Polar Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor. The chest strap makes the device far more accurate than any FitBit or Apple Watch, and when partnered with the device’s tracking app, all guesswork is taken out of your workout routine.

5. Polartech Tights

For all you outdoor fitness peeps, or even those of you who are just perpetually cold, feast your eyes on these fleece lined babies. These have saved my ass (literally) time and time again. Warm enough to withstand the bitter cold of NYC, yet comfortable enough to endure a full Netflix binge of season two of The Crown – these leggings are the real deal. In all truth – these babies have even kept me warm while skiing Christmas morning in Deer Valley, Utah.  Don’t believe me…check it out…


1. Packing Cube

690356e1-1c97-45b0-b5d8-b85852d801c4Again, you may not find this to be such a glamorous gift, but I assure you, any loved one who is an avid traveler would LOVE to receive a couple of these.  Whether I’m packing light and back-packing through an unknown country, or packing heavy and moving my life across the country (because, hey – I did that too this year), these packing cubes have changed my life.  Packing, unpacking, and repacking has never been easier – and when you spend less time stressing about fitting everything you packed into a bag, you have more time for more important things…like wanderlust.

2. Blue Tooth Headphones

Whether it’s for use on a long flight on your way to your next adventure, or while roaming the highlands of Scotland – Blue Tooth Headphones are a must. My trusty JBLs have been by my side for 3 years now. I simply adore them.

3. Athleta Pull Over

Cozy Karma Asym Pullover - Oatmeal Heather

The Kozy Karma pullover from Athleta is without a doubt the PERFECT travel layer. Lightweight and easy to pack, yet it backs a serious punch of warmth. It comes in three beautiful neutrals, so everyone can be happy.





4. Slim Wallet



This wallet was a game changer for my travels. I prefer to pack light when I’m traveling so I can move a little quicker. This wallet allows me to carry all the essentials but none of that extra crap. Slim enough that you can even feel comfortable going sans purse and stashing it in your pocket.


5. Quest Barsquest1

Listen – I’m all about prioritizing trying out the different cuisines while traveling; however, I have never regretted having an “in case of emergency” protein bar at hand. You may find yourself unexpectedly stuck in traffic or at the airport with only shitty snacks at hand…voila! Protein bar to your rescue. Quest bars are my brand of choice – so many flavors to make great stocking stuffers.


1. Sand and Sky’s Pink Clay Mask

Look – I’m a tough cookie to please when it comes to face masks. In truth, I think most of them aren’t worth the hype. That is simply not the case when it comes to Sand and Sky’s Pink Clay Mask. I have been using this mask twice a week since having a major breakout recently, and in only about a week and a half, the results have been dramatic. Disclaimer: my “after” photo does feature mascara and a new haircut, but I promise there is no foundation or concealer on my skin.


2. Revitalash

Revitalash has completely changed my lash game. I admit – I used to be really self conscious about my lack of lashes. I know some of you may find that silly…but it’s true. I hated how short and stumpy they would remain even with the best lengthening mascaras. Revitalash honestly gives the same results as Latisse, but without a prescription and for less $$$. If you’ve got a friend who is a lash addict such as myself…look no further.

3. Shea Moisture Lotion

Finding a great lotion for my skin is a challenge. My skin is super sensitive to where I need to constantly keep in a practice of moisturizing; however a lot of lotions cause irritation.


Shea Moisture’s Baby Eczema Formula is a dream. Don’t let the texture initially throw you. Just warm a dollop up in your hands and it will apply like butter. The formula is non-greasy, the smell is mild but delicious, and my favorite herbalist confirmed that the ingredients promote circulation to wherever it’s applied.

4. Asha Patel Designs

Asha+Patel+Designs_0063Always nice to treat a loved one to something pretty ;). I can’t get enough of AshaPatel’s designs. I treated myself to her mini prism necklace in moonstone because that stone has been of great aid to me lately; however, the necklace also comes in rose quartz, labradorite, and amethyst – so really there is a stone for everyone.

5. Lollia Relax Perfume

Lollia-Relax-Eau-de-ParfumI’ve been having a love affair with trying various scents and perfumes recently. I found this one randomly while shopping at Anthropology. One sniff and I knew I had to have it in my collection. It’s one of those perfect “I’m not wearing any perfume” scents. It’s so subtle and light, yet deep and delicious. I just can’t get enough.

Just a Couple Random Ideas

1. Movie Pass

For any avid movie goer in your life – look no further than a subscription to Movie Pass. My roommate tipped me off to the service and it has me asking why I ever spent $16 per ticket when for $10 a month you have the option to see a new movie daily. I’m still new to the membership, but so far there is no downside.


2. Yeti Tumbler

I used to be such an asshole about drinking the appropriate amount of water for my weight and activity level, but my YETI has helped to change that. My YETI insures that my water is always cold and refreshing. Available in multiple sizes – a YETI will leave no room for excuses when getting in your daily recommended water intake.


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