My Thoughts on THINX

You might be thinking – “really, Talia?  How much more could you possibly have to say in regards to your period?”  And to you I’d say – my blog, my choice.  (And be sure to read more about my moon cycle here and here 😉 )
I really wasn’t going to write a review in regards to this product.  I was truly just going to enjoy the simple bliss of THINX privately.  I thought by now, EVERYONE had given this product a go; however, anytime these panties come up in casual conversation, whomever I’m with is dying to hear a first hand experience of using the product.

So here we are.

*Let me quickly throw out the disclaimer that I am aware of the unsavory reviews regarding the work environment of this company.  While I am not up to date with recent developments on the matter, I do understand how important it is to feel safe and secure in your workplace.  I had purchased my THINX products long before this employee’s complaint had been logged; therefore, this post will be focused towards my personal use of the product, and away from the larger, more complicated subject matter.  I do encourage you to inform yourself of the situation and decide for yourself if THINX remains a brand you wish to support financially.
Alright – diving in to the actual review portion of this post…where do we even begin?
I had seen THINX advertised for MONTHS before deciding to dive in to give it a try.  It was as if I couldn’t turn a corner in NYC without seeing half a naked grapefruit staring me square in the face – provoking me to think, “What the f**k is that supposed to be advertising?”
“Underwear for Women Who have Periods” was the tag line on another series of THINX’s ads.
“Well,” I thought, “I’m a woman.  I have periods.”  So I away I flew to the interwebs for more information.
Now, I’m going to mention, up until the point of me researching THINX, I had been using a Diva Cup pretty regularly.  However, trouble with my Diva Cup occurred when partnered with the copper IUD I housed at the time.  The situation was nothing majorly traumatic – the Diva Cup just failed to properly seal, causing multiple leaks and major frustration.  Meanwhile, the copper IUD was something just never meant to get along with my body.  After struggling with the device for over a year, I opted to get it removed and give my system a chance to recover operating as just “me.”
In that decision – even the thought of shoving a sizable, (albeit) silicon cup up there was completely nauseating.  This may sound ridiculous, but when I attempted to use the product a handful of more times – whenever I felt the Diva Cup inserted, it just made me fill toxic and ill.
Well, then – as a woman with periods – what are my other options?
I’m not about that life of floating on a cotton raft for nearly an entire week.  Not to mention how damaging to our environment the use of pads are.  And tampons are a complete frustration due to the 3 factors of waste, taxes, and toxins.  (You want to read something truly disturbing…take a quick jump over here).
Enter THINX.  A product that vows to accomplish what up to 3 tampons can do, sans insertion and without feeling like a pad.  Was it too good to be true?  There was only one way to find out.
Exploring THINX’s website – there are a variety of panty cuts, sizes, and (now) colors.  I opted to try three – the boyshort, the high-waist, and the thong (for those unpredictable spotting days).
My order arrived quickly, with each pair packaged well and individually.  My first reaction was definitely curious…the material is best described as those old lycra dance leggings, but for the majority of you who probably don’t know what I’m talking about, the closest comparison is a swimsuit.  Now, if your nose is scrunching up at the thought of feeling as though you’re walking around in a swimsuit bottom all day – relax.  I had the same concern, and I can assure you, once on, THINX feels nothing like a swim suit.
In regards to fit – I would recommend sizing up.  I suppose it will ultimately depend on how you choose to wear your under garments, but considering this product is meant to hold anywhere from 1/2 to 3 tampons worth of fluid, the seams are understandably a little more snug.
Out of the cuts I’ve tried, there is no competition – the high waisted is my favorite.  It’s the cutest (in my opinion).  The mesh sides make it super breathable, and I feel extra protected while wearing them.  I have even gone to bed on my heaviest flow days wearing only my high waisted pair, and I have never come close to having a Freddy Krueger type accident. (GIF inserted for those of you who don’t know the reference)
giphy (48)
I will also mention that this is the pair I have regularly worked out in – and I have never had a spill regardless of whether my workout was focused on weight training, yoga, or running.
My second favorite pair is the thong.  I don’t know about you, but near the end of my cycle, I always have a couple unpredictable days of spotting.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the house unprepared, only to get an unwanted surprise later on.  Nowadays – that is no longer a worry.  I’m prepped and comfy whether I receive a special gift or not.
The only pair I wouldn’t fully recommend would be the boyshort.  Totally a personal preference – the cut just didn’t fit me well.  I bought the pair specifically for the purpose of sleeping in that the high waisted pair ultimately fulfilled, and while they do the job…they just aren’t the  most comfortable on my frame.  They are baggy where I need them to be tight, and tight where I’m in need of a little more room.  I’m sure they are the perfect fit for someone else…they are just not the right pair for moi.
giphy (50)
In terms of using the product…it’s pretty fool-proof.  You strap on a pair the same way you would any piece of underwear and continue on with your day.  The fabric is moisture wicking so I can honestly say I’ve never felt “damp” while wearing a pair of THINX.  For washing (this is the best part) – THINX is completely washer/dryer friendly.  The company swears you can throw your THINX directly in the bin and wash it during your next load….but to be completely honest…I always rinse out my THINX and allow them to air dry first.  I’m sure it’s because of that ONE time I left ONE red sock in my load of whites, but I’m just a little paranoid of unleashing the contents of my THINX on even my darkest loads of laundry.
The process may sound gross at first, but it really isn’t such a big deal.  I rinse out the used pair in my sink for about 30 seconds, wring out the excess moisture, and then allow them to air dry before throwing them in my laundry hamper.  When laundry day arrives – the situation is already prepped and taken care of.  It’s honestly an easier process than discretely disposing your trash bag full of used feminine hygiene products (#cheapertoo).
So where does all this leave us?  I love THINX.  Quite frankly, I’m currently wearing a pair as I write this post.  Moving forward, I’m really itching to expand my collection and try the “cheeky” pair (and if I do I’ll keep you posted).  I highly recommend giving the product a go if this information resonates with you.  I’m all about a product that helps a woman be more attuned to her body while also being more environmentally conscious.  In my mind, (despite that workplace disclaimer mentioned up above) THINX is just a circle full of wins.
Have you used THINX?  What was your experience?  Tempted to try THINX?  What’s holding you back?  Be sure to comment below or reach out in a more private manner via my contact form here.  I’d love to hear your personal reviews of the product!
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Until next time,
xoxo Me

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