Why I’m Returning to the Whole30…


If you follow my Instagram posts, or know me personally on Facebook, you’re probably already aware that I’ve kicked off a Whole30 for myself.

You may be thinking, “But Talia, I thought you had left your Paleo ways behind?  Weren’t you doing Keto?  Weren’t you talking about the benefits of rice?  How are we supposed to keep up with all of this?”

And to you I would say, “Holy hell, calm down.”

For those of you new to my health and fitness journey, let me see how quickly I can run down the progression of things…

Let’s start when I went Paleo with a very successful first Whole30.  After completing that and reaping the results, I advanced things by adapting Paleo with Intermittent Fasting.  My results were phenomenal, but the stress load was too much and my body retaliated by developing Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  Working with a nutritionist, I followed a strict autoimmune protocol for nearly a year that lessoned my autoimmune symptoms, but left much to be desired from a personal, lifestyle perspective.  Rebelling from that, I jumped to eating whatever I damn well pleased which caused my weight and hormones to sky-rocket.  Desperate to get back on track, punished myself into completing subsequent Whole30s – with each of those attempts failing.  Finally, after working with my acupuncturist to get my stress levels down and focusing on a diet based on Eastern Medicine practices, I feel I’m operating as close to normal as I have in years.

So then, after all of this, why return to Paleo?  Great question.

  1. Despite the advancements that following an Eastern Medicine based diet has gained me, I am aware that I’ve become pretty lax about certain inflammatory foods remaining in my diet.  (Gluten and dairy being the big stones)  As good as I’ve been feeling nowadays, I’m eager to see what removing those foods will do for me.  I know dairy is tied to my hormonal skin breakouts, and I know gluten makes me bloated.  Cutting out both will provide an awesome opportunity for study 🙂
  2. For the first time since my initial Whole30, I’ll actually be approaching the protocol from a healthy mindset.  I’m not forcing myself into this diet out of punishment or hate for my body.  Instead, I am approaching it from an aspect of study and curiosity.  To be honest, weight loss isn’t even the primary goal; however, should it be a side effect…all the better.

So what can you expect to see as I journey through these next 30 days?


Well, I definitely expect to be posting a bunch through my daily social media – so if you’re not following @taliamariani on Instagram…I’d suggest getting on top of that.  Additionally, I’m sure some hearty, healthy, Paleo recipes will be making their way to my blog, so keep your tastebuds primed for those.  Finally, I’m sure finishing this Whole30 will result in a closing thoughts/reflection post so tune in 30 days from now if you’re at all interested 😉

What am I excited for in starting this challenge?  Learning more about my body while prioritizing high quality proteins, fats, and vegetables.

What am I not excited for? The “detoxing” period that is sure to hit around day 6 or 7.

What foods am I going to miss the most? Red wine and white rice.  Hands down – no competition.  (You thought I was going to say cheese, didn’t you?)

What foods am I excited to experiment with?  Not gonna lie…fruit.  I admit I’m still recovering from the years of “fruit = carbs, carbs = bad” mentality.  I know that belief is false and far from reality, but I still get mildly concerned every time I consider eating a banana.

What have I missed from the last time I Whole30’d?  Coconut Oil.  I admit I went overboard with the stuff during my years of living Paleo that I was more than ready to give it a break.  Now that I’ve had some time away, cooking my first meal in the stuff was like returning to an old friend.


What will my workouts look like during the challenge?  Not gonna lie…I’m just going to listen to my body.  I admit since moving to CA, I’ve been lifting less weights and focusing on more yoga and running.  Calm down, I still have my kettlebells ready to go at first call, but exploring other modalities of movement has been incredibly exciting for me.  I’m going to proceed slowly because in the past I have been known to dive in too aggressively to a new dietary/workout regime and burned out on both prior to the due date.

How can you be of assistance?  Send me your questions!  Let me know what aspects of the Whole30 you’re the most curious to hear about!  I’ll be happy to share things from my perspective, but if you’ve got a burning question – be sure to send it my way here 🙂

Thanks for your continued support everyone!  I can’t wait to check in with you all throughout the process!

Until next time, I wish you all love and coconut oil!



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