Whole30 Week 3 – The Workouts


When I started this round of the Whole30, I didn’t really have a game plan in terms of workouts.  This detail is particularly odd for me because when I typically sign on for something, I have the tendency to “over-commit.”  This means, in the past, I normally wouldn’t just agree to embrace a massive nutritional shift, but instead I’d also sign up for an extended lifting program, kettlebell challenge, or 4-week exercise intensive.  More often than not, this action would result in me burning out and giving up by week 2 or 3.

I knew I didn’t want that to happen this time around.

The other factor determining my workouts – I had to consider the realities of where I’m currently living.  Moving to California nearly 5 months ago has completely changed my fitness routine.  I’ve only lifted “heavy” about 2-3 times since stepping foot on western soil – which if you’ve followed my blog or me for a while, you understand what a huge change that is.  In addition to that, I have a completely different work and commute schedule.  Trying to keep up the workout routine I was previous accustomed to in NYC was out of the question.

So instead – I chose to simply do whatever workout felt right by me from day to day.  Shocking – I know.  And let me clarify – I’m not saying that flippantly.  For a continuously recovering perfectionist such as myself – listening to and reacting to my body in any given moment continues to be one of my toughest ongoing challenges.  I live in a constant mental battle of, “is this enough?” vs “is this too much,” but thankfully, through slow, consistent work, that judgmental voice has slowly gotten quieter.


So diving into this particular set of 30 days, here’s pretty much how my workouts broke down…

Week 1 –

I think I did one solid session of yoga this entire week.  Week 1 fell on an unexpected life twist of me starting a new job.  Therefore, with so much of my energy focused towards kicking off my new opportunity while getting used to the daily requirements of the Whole30, I didn’t have much room or energy for anything else.  However, diving back into a desk job after being 5+ years removed from one, my single yoga session felt great to lengthen out the kinks and bends built up from hovering over a desk.

Week 2 –

IMG_3038By week two, I had the diet and daily meal prep down, so I used the extra energy and mental stamina to slowly begin dipping my toe into a workout routine.  I completed 2 kettlebell quickie programs (just about 10-15 minutes each), and got myself outdoors for an exciting 5 mile hike.  I love hiking as a means of a low to medium impact workout.  The brain gets tricked into focusing on the grand, beautiful adventure, while the body gets to benefit from the inclines and constant source of vitamin D.  I never feel more refreshed than when I return from an extended voyage into nature. #naturebath

Week 3 –

By Week 3, things were beginning to flow as routine.  The dietary guidelines became second nature, and I had a lot more room to explore my body and movement.  I played more with kettlebell quickies and HIIT programs in my very own bedroom.  I even shared a couple via my IG stories and highlights – check them out @taliamariani.  The workouts clocked in at 30 minutes or less, but I completed 4 of them this week.  Last, but certainly not least, I phoned a friend for extra inspiration through a kettlebell circuit.  We met up at her newly opened studio HKFit in North Hollywood, CA.  I had nearly forgotten how fun and motivational it can be to have a workout buddy.  I definitely pushed myself through that circuit faster with her by my side 🙂

Week 4 –

Looking towards my upcoming week, I am gunning to complete 4 workouts.  The stress of starting a new job is waining and my new routine is settling in quite nicely.  I can feel where I have the extra energy to expend after a full day at work, and am excited to channel it physically.  I’m actually eager to go for a run, so we will see how that all works out 😉


Until we meet next time – give the following KB Quickie a go 😉

Rotational or Traditional KB Deadlifts (10 total)
Tall Plank, Bringing Knee to Opposite Elbow (10 Total)
Cossack or Goblet Squat (10 total)
Push Up with T Stand Rotation (4-6 total)
Repeat 3-5x

Be sure to hop over to Instagram and checkout my highlight reel titled “KB Workout” for the video demo of this workout 😉

Looking for a more tailored workout program for you and your own unique, individual needs?  Don’t forget – I do online coaching/program design.  Reach out here and tell me about your goals!  Let’s get you on the road to success.



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