So You Want to Get into Crystals?


Crystals are having a bit of a “moment” on social media nowadays.  While that’s great, and I love that these natural beauties are getting some well-deserved time in the spotlight, there is just one big thing that I’d love for you all to keep in mind.

Crystals are not a fad.  They are not merely a passing trend a la the Frappuccino flavor of the week at Starbucks.  Crystals are profound tools utilized to connect or ground oneself on a more spiritual, emotional, and artistic level.  There are many who view and use crystals as a religious practice, so please keep that respect in mind as you continue with your exploration.

The world of crystals is vast and deep.  There is not a chance in hell I could ever cover everything in just one post.  Therefore – brace yourselves – there will surely be many more crystal deep dives to follow on this blog.

To get us started today, however, I figure a good place to start will be with some commonly asked questions.  I’m going to go all sorts of basic for this one, but if these are the questions you’re looking to have answered, please know there is no need to feel ashamed.  I purposefully constructed this post with the exact questions I had when I first started out collecting crystals.

So without further adieu, let’s dive in…


Where do you get your crystals?

I’ve gotten my crystals at a plethora of different places.  If you’re in NYC, there is a shop in midtown called Rock Star Crystals – that is where I found my first few pieces.  For being located in central Manhattan, I always found they provided a wide selection while pricing their products fair.

In addition to that, there are literally thousands of Etsy shops providing stunning specimens – just be sure to shop wisely and check out previous buyer reviews to ensure sure you are purchasing quality stones.  Also, never be afraid to reach out to the buyer for more information.

My final suggestion, it turns out Instagram is a great resource for cultivating some amazing stones. My two main resources would have to be @everyday_magic and @sagecrystals.  Both shops utilize live sales, which allows you to really build a rapport in regards to your crystal practices and collecting.  Both stores have been greatly influential in better understanding my own stones.

How do you know which crystal/s to get?

Well, the beauty is, that answer depends entirely on you and your needs.  I admit, when I first got going with my collection, I Googled any and every stone that I came across.  I thought it would help me better understand each crystal’s beneficial properties.  Now that I am naturally more familiar with the various types of stones, I simply let the crystals speak to me.

Whoa!  *insert record screech*  Did I just imply that crystals talk to people?  Well…in a way, yes.

I was just reflecting the other day with a good friend of mine about how a certain crystal can literally just grab your attention.  You’ll be in a shop, or watching a live sale, and you’ll pass by dozens of crystals without a second glance.  Then suddenly, without warning, you will spot one and know instantly it was meant for you.  It really is such a magical and altogether odd sensation.  I can’t quite describe it, but believe me, you’ll know it when you feel it.

Now, if you’re truly looking for a guideline on which crystals make a good choice specifically for beginners, there are a handful I’d happily recommend.  I always feel that everyone could benefit from keeping Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, and Smoky Quartz in their collection.  If you’re looking for a more specific breakdown of each of those stones – stay tuned.  Those posts will be up shortly 😉

Okay, I have a crystal, now what do I do with it?

Congrats!  You have your first crystal!  The answer to this question is going to depend on a few factors.  Is your crystal large and demanding to be displayed?  Is it small and requesting to be carried with you?  What do you feel when in the presence of this particular crystal?  Do you feel safe and secure, therefore wanting to keep it nearby for when you sleep?  Or does it warm your blood and motivate you to get moving?  Perhaps in that case you’d wish to keep it near your workspace or even in your workout bag.  Maybe a particular stone brings a sense of peace and calm – those I personally love to utilize during meditation or even yoga practices.


The point is, the use of each crystal depends on the properties of the crystal itself as well as your own needs.  You can meditate with it, sleep with it, carry it with you, or even place it where it will be in constant sight offering a kind reminder of whatever it is you’re working towards.  Think of crystals as a supplemental aid or support and place them to where they will be the most beneficial.

What’s with all the different shapes?

Through your crystal foraging, you will surely find crystals in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors, and polishes.  Why tumbled vs raw?  Why double terminated vs a single point?  What do people mean when they say a crystal has record keepers or a phantom?  And what on earth would you do with a crystal carved into the shape of a squirrel?

Peace, young student.  It’s true, there is so much to learn – as there is with any new practice.  Many of the answers to these questions will find their way to you over time.  Start following blogs or crystal profiles on Instagram (such as my own 😉 ) and no doubt you will shortly find the the majority of these answers.  However, for this beginner’s, crash-course in crystals, here’s what I’d urge you to focus on…

What polish or color naturally attracts you?  How do you intend to use this crystal?  Do any particular shapes resonate or stir meaning for you?


My first 6 or so crystals were all tower points.  Mostly because that is what I was attracted to time and again, but also because I knew I wanted the crystal’s energy to be rooted, targeted, and palpable.  I wanted its unique presence to be undeniable.  From there I slowly branched out into palm stones, pocket pebbles, carved shapes, wands, and yes, even yoni eggs 😉

Is that the best way to start? Of course not, but it’s ultimately what worked for me.  Wherever you choose to begin, just keep dipping your toe into these crystal waters. No doubt you will quickly be swept up in their embrace.

Do I need a crystal grid?

This one is completely up to you.  I personally have yet to build a crystal grid myself, but I have several friends who use them often to great benefit. I suspect one day I will experiment with a grid when I have a specific, lofty goal or intention that I’d like to place a little extra support behind.


So there you have it – my beginners crash course in crystals.  Did I miss your question in this post?  Comment below or reach out via the link here, and I’ll be happy to answer you directly.  Passionate about crystals already and have more information you’d like to volunteer?  Please, by all means, share your valuable wisdom below!  The other thing worth noting is just how beautiful and supportive the crystal community is.  Therefore, freely dive in – you’re in safe waters.

Until next time my lovely biddies…


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