My Thoughts on THINX

You might be thinking – “really, Talia?  How much more could you possibly have to say in regards to your period?”  And to you I’d say – my blog, my choice.  (And be sure to read more about my moon cycle here and here 😉 )
I really wasn’t going to write a review in regards to this product.  I was truly just going to enjoy the simple bliss of THINX privately.  I thought by now, EVERYONE had given this product a go; however, anytime these panties come up in casual conversation, whomever I’m with is dying to hear a first hand experience of using the product.

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5 Gym Machines You’ll Never Hear Me Recommend

machines-91849_1920I think the title of this post is pretty self explanatory, but here are the 5 pieces of gym equipment that I would never recommend or utilize in one of my programs.  I’ve seen far too many gym goers, at best, waste ample amounts of time on these machines, and at worst, get seriously injured.  I suppose you don’t have to take my word for it, but don’t act surprised if one day you overhear me delivering an, “I told you so.”

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