Whole30 Week 2 – The Food


Whenever someone hears I’m on the Whole30, more often than not, the first question to come up is, “But what’s left for you to eat?”

I never judge this question.  I understand the place of fear and insecurity where it stems from because I have lived there countless times during my life.  Look – we place a lot of emphasis and meaning on food.  It’s been known to provide a celebration for when we succeed, a comfort for when we fail, and it even serves as cultural representation for a person’s own unique heritage. (#Italiangirlsgetatme) Continue reading

My Thoughts on THINX

You might be thinking – “really, Talia?  How much more could you possibly have to say in regards to your period?”  And to you I’d say – my blog, my choice.  (And be sure to read more about my moon cycle here and here 😉 )
I really wasn’t going to write a review in regards to this product.  I was truly just going to enjoy the simple bliss of THINX privately.  I thought by now, EVERYONE had given this product a go; however, anytime these panties come up in casual conversation, whomever I’m with is dying to hear a first hand experience of using the product.

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