10 Healthy Finds at Costco

IMG_6248Costco has always been such a great option for families or individuals who look to shop on a budget.  Buying in bulk helps to bring down the cost per item – not to mention it lowers the number of trips to the grocery store every month.  Since moving to California, shopping at Costco has again become part of my regular routine – it was previously a common practice growing up in Utah.  Since I didn’t utilize it as much during the years I lived in New York City, I was pleasantly surprised to return to Costco and discover just how much the company had stepped up its game in terms of offering higher quality products.  Curious to know which 10 items impressed me the most and which I’d fully recommend to you to give a try? Continue reading

Grocery Shopping for Success


Whenever I begin working with a new nutritional client, there is inevitably a moment of hesitation or doubt surrounding grocery shopping.  Perhaps it’s a ritual the person is simply out of practice on – turning too often to alternative options such as takeout or delivery.  Or, maybe that person just needs a little extra help discerning between which food choices would fall more in line with his/her goals.  It’s easy to understand where an individual might step into a grocery store and feel completely overwhelmed by the multitude of available options.

Where to begin?  How much do I buy?  What to do? Continue reading