Grocery Shopping for Success


Whenever I begin working with a new nutritional client, there is inevitably a moment of hesitation or doubt surrounding grocery shopping.  Perhaps it’s a ritual the person is simply out of practice on – turning too often to alternative options such as takeout or delivery.  Or, maybe that person just needs a little extra help discerning between which food choices would fall more in line with his/her goals.  It’s easy to understand where an individual might step into a grocery store and feel completely overwhelmed by the multitude of available options.

Where to begin?  How much do I buy?  What to do? Continue reading

Whole30 Week 3 – The Workouts


When I started this round of the Whole30, I didn’t really have a game plan in terms of workouts.  This detail is particularly odd for me because when I typically sign on for something, I have the tendency to “over-commit.”  This means, in the past, I normally wouldn’t just agree to embrace a massive nutritional shift, but instead I’d also sign up for an extended lifting program, kettlebell challenge, or 4-week exercise intensive.  More often than not, this action would result in me burning out and giving up by week 2 or 3.

I knew I didn’t want that to happen this time around. Continue reading