Top 10: Paris, France


For so many, Paris is the ultimate wanderlust destination.  From books to television, and movies to magazines, Paris has become the city we idolize for fashion, romance, history, and amazing cuisine.  There is so much to see in this amazing city, and it is so easy to get overwhelmed when planning your visit.  Curious to know which monuments and attractions I feel are the top 10 “must-sees” during your first trip to Paris?  Be sure to follow the link to find out!  Continue reading

Top 5 – Ireland (Dublin, Galway, Inishmore)

IMG_5830I’m going to preface this blog post by saying it’s not going to do Ireland justice.  I visited 3 cities in this majestic, green country, and to lump all 3 into one post is a travesty – I’m aware. Without diving too far into the nitty-gritties of the situation, let’s just say I ventured to Ireland at the wrong time of my life and very much with the wrong person.  As beautiful as this country is, there is unfortunately a certain layer of heartache that comes up whenever I look at the few and far between photos I possess from this trip. To be honest, that is probably the main reason it’s taken me nearly two years to write this post. Continue reading

Top 5 – Montreal

Ahhhh, Montreal.  The universe’s answer for when you want to go to Europe, but not leave the North American continent.  I visited Montreal already a year ago this last September with a best girlfriend of mine.  It was a “girls’ weekend” I will never forget and a memory I will hold near and dear forever.  I truly believe this trip to Montreal is what catapulted my life into change – change that ultimately culminated with me packing up my life in NYC and moving to the West Coast.  It’s always funny when you start to look back and seeing how the puzzle pieces all came together. Continue reading

Tips for Learning a New City


So you’ve just moved to a new city – congratulations!  Whether it be for a promotion, new career, or even that you’re opting for a change of pace from your previous lifestyle, you are embarking on a new adventure and that is incredibly exciting.

However, change can often bring about common fears and doubts, so I thought a post such as this could come in handy.  Having just uprooted my life from New York City and replanting it in sunny Los Angeles, California, I figured I’ve got a wisdom nugget or two to share on the matter. Continue reading