My Thoughts on THINX

You might be thinking – “really, Talia?  How much more could you possibly have to say in regards to your period?”  And to you I’d say – my blog, my choice.  (And be sure to read more about my moon cycle here and here 😉 )
I really wasn’t going to write a review in regards to this product.  I was truly just going to enjoy the simple bliss of THINX privately.  I thought by now, EVERYONE had given this product a go; however, anytime these panties come up in casual conversation, whomever I’m with is dying to hear a first hand experience of using the product.

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Top 5 – Ireland (Dublin, Galway, Inishmore)

IMG_5830I’m going to preface this blog post by saying it’s not going to do Ireland justice.  I visited 3 cities in this majestic, green country, and to lump all 3 into one post is a travesty – I’m aware. Without diving too far into the nitty-gritties of the situation, let’s just say I ventured to Ireland at the wrong time of my life and very much with the wrong person.  As beautiful as this country is, there is unfortunately a certain layer of heartache that comes up whenever I look at the few and far between photos I possess from this trip. To be honest, that is probably the main reason it’s taken me nearly two years to write this post. Continue reading