Bodyweight Burner

IMG_3971Eager to get a workout in, but are limited time and/or equipment?  No worries – this bodyweight program I’ve posted below has your back!

Care to crank it up and add weights to the routine as the photo on the left casually suggests?  Never fear, I’ve gone ahead and included weighted progressions of each exercise for anyone looking to spice up the routine or work towards their individual strength goals.

So, what are you waiting for?  Crank up the tunes, press play on the video demo below, and let’s work up a sweat that will keep your metabolism churning well into the evening! Continue reading

Grocery Shopping for Success


Whenever I begin working with a new nutritional client, there is inevitably a moment of hesitation or doubt surrounding grocery shopping.  Perhaps it’s a ritual the person is simply out of practice on – turning too often to alternative options such as takeout or delivery.  Or, maybe that person just needs a little extra help discerning between which food choices would fall more in line with his/her goals.  It’s easy to understand where an individual might step into a grocery store and feel completely overwhelmed by the multitude of available options.

Where to begin?  How much do I buy?  What to do? Continue reading